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6 Reasons Never to Skip Your Work Out Class

Let’s just be honest here- I’m not really the working out type.  I don’t really like pain, breathing hard, or pushing myself. I’m really lazy, which is why I NEED to work out.  Yeah, I know.  So I’ve got my longtime friend Chris, who happens to be a personal trainer, helping me a bit.  It’s been actually really fun, but I learned something the hard way. I learned never, I mean never, skip a workout.  I’ll tell you why.  

  1. You always regret skipping but never regret going

So I skipped one day to have a date night with my husband.  We NEVER get dates so it was still worth it.  But you want to know what?  I still regretted it. I still wishes I would have gone and I still felt like I somehow gained ten pounds by missing  the workout.  I know I didn’t actually, but my body felt gross.  So now, anytime I want to skip- I remind myself that I’ve never regretted going, but I have regretted skipping a class.

  1. You will hurt longer

Shortly after I started, I had a road trip out to see a friend in Washington.  The drive made my calf cramp up and I was just miserable.  I ALMOST skipped class thinking it needed rest but when I messaged Chris, he said to come and run it off.  So I listened and much to my surprise it worked and it was all better after class!! Had I not gone, it would have just kept hurting.  Go figure.  

  1. You’ll make Chris disappointed

So he won’t get mad, but he will get disappointed.  And that’s even worse.  Chris is so wonderful at being this loving but challenging personal trainer that you want to make him so proud. So you work hard and push yourself.  When you skip- your trainer misses you.  I’ve learned they plan certain exercises with you in mind so if you don’t show up it makes them bummed, and we don’t want bummed personal trainers.

  1. You won’t benefit

If you miss class, you’re that much farther behind on your journey to better health.  Every second of working out and pushing yourself counts.  Don’t miss it!!!  It’s important you are important enough to you, to not miss class.  If that kids get sick, try to find childcare that won’t mind or make the husband suck it up.  Just don’t miss! You’ll be even more proud for pushing through an obstacle.

  1.  If you skip one, it’s easier to skip the rest.

Our choices matter and when we make one exception, it’s easier to turn those into excuses and then keep making them.  We want to break old patterns not fall into old ones.

  1.  Your friends will notice

I have a friend that’s a mortgage lender in Eugene, Oregon and she always looks for me in class. If I skip, she gets mad.  And you don’t want to see her mad.  Trust me.  

So there you have it! All my reasons why you should skip class.  So- keep working out and don’t make excuses!

Find A Great Acupuncturist By Using These Tips

What seems like a small medical problem today can become a significant problem tomorrow if not treated properly. Facing the challenge will probably be much easier with the help of a talented medical practitioner. This is a strong argument against changing acupuncturists frequently. Read our general rules on how to locate the very best medical practitioner for your needs.

Your restorative supplier may need to look outside of her particular skill set if she can’t provide you with quick solutions for your inquiries; in doing as such, she may need to assemble more data to have the capacity to direct you on an ideal approach to proceed. In almost any case, the acupuncturist must help you to resolve your medical concerns. If the acupuncturist doesn’t assist you in, then he’s ignoring the oath of his profession. It’s critical to work with an acupuncturist who respects and follows his or her professional oath.

Instrumental to receiving good care, you should be honest with your acupuncturist. It’s essential that you be candid in describing your specific symptoms and health concerns. You may be discharged as a patient if you decline to take after your specialist’s requests. You should have the capacity to make the requests of your specialist and concur with his treatment arrangement all together for your treatment to be viable.

You will most certainly be required to fill out some forms regarding your insurance coverage and medical history before seeing your health practitioner as a new patient. To provide you with the best treatment possible, they are going to need to see all your medical records and find out about your history. Guarantee that the very first consultation you have will be longer than most appointments, as it’s vital to provide all relevant information that concerns your condition which may help your medical practitioner in treating you. Amid your first visit to your specialist’s office, make certain that you have all your protection data close by so that the front work area can make duplicates for you.

The location of an acupuncturist’s office is usually highly critical when some individuals are looking for a new acupuncturist. Going to the acupuncturist using public transportation is usually an option in larger cities, but remember that you may get delayed for one reason or perhaps the other. Appointment scheduling becomes a sizable factor in rural areas, so they aren’t much better. Before leaving your current acupuncturist for a new one, be sure to look over all the pros and cons.

Stars and Kids



“Mommy, Mommy come look at the stars with us!!!’  That’s what my two kids yelled to me in their delight.  They were so full of joy, and so excited about the few stars they could see under the city lights.  So I put down the dishes (because when your kids want to stargaze with you, YOU GO) and grabbed a blanket.  The three of us put our backs against the blanket in the dark, and looked up.

“It’s so beautiful Mommy,” said my sweet little three year old.

“Mom, we should look for shooting starts,” beamed my oldest.

“Starlight, starbirght…first star I see tonight. I wish I may, I wish I might….have this wish I wish tonight” chanted Michaiah.  Michaiah then leaned into me, grabbed my cheeks with his hands, touched his nose on my nose and INTENSELY looked at me saying, “Mom!!! I wished for an ice cream cone so big it touches the moon!!! And and, when we’re eating it, we can EAT TUNNELS THOUGH IT!!!!!”  At that point, spit began to fly from his mouth and I just couldn’t help bu laugh and smile.  Ayden then summed it up by saying, “Man he has the best imagination.  Don’t you just love his imagination?? He’s so great!”

So the kids ran around in the dark, stopping every now and then to look at the stars.  Ayden and I were just marveling in Michaiah, and how great he really is.  “You know Mom, if Michaiah wasn’t my brother I wouldn’t have the imagination I do.  I wouldn’t laugh as much. I wish I had his imagination. I’m more of a science kid.  I like that stuff.”  Even though Ayden was just loving on his brother, I couldn’t get this nagging feeling that Ayden didn’t understand his own gifts nor appreciate them.  I tried explaining how awesome his imagination really is but he couldn’t understand.

“Ayden,” I said.  “Come with me inside, I want to read you something.”  So we all packed up, and ran inside.  Ayden plopped down on the couch- head hanging off and feet in the air and I began to read about Anaximander, the man that first (that we know of) proposed the idea of depth, and that the earth WASN’T flat, and on some pillars, afterall.  Because Anaximander had an imagination, A REALLY GOOD ONE, but he also had the ability to study his theory and pretty much change the world.  I mean, he pretty much discovered space and a universe with depth. So at 9:45 PM, there we sat together…studying Anaximander.

“Mom,” said Ayden.  “Read more.”  So we turned the page, and learned all about Phythagoras.  He’s the one said, “all physical things- the stars and the universe- are mathematically related.” Using music, and numbers and an imagination without limits- he too changed the world to how we know it now.

I wanted so badly for Ayden to see his potential.  I wanted him so much to realize how imaginative he really is.  After some star gazing, and learning about scientists, and praying- his eyes got wide and he said, “maybe I’ll be the one to invent the time machine.”

I said, “if you could also invent a device to teleport, that would be great too. But no hurry.”

He went to bed smiling tonight, with the world and all it’s possibilities before him and I never want to forget tonight, so that’s why I’m writing it down.  Ayden- if you read this ten years from now, or whenever- I’m your biggest fan.  Remember that.  And never give up, and never wish to be different then how God made you.  Because there’s a reason for it!

The Gift



I suppose when he wasn’t even two and knew and all the letters in the alphabet I should have caught on.  Especially since we never taught him.  Or maybe that he had memorized every book we ever read to him. And I”m not talking, “Goodnight Moon,” but Dr. Seuss, “The Giving Tree,” long.  Or that his memory before age two proved to be, how do I say…..CREEPY.  For example, Ayden’s Dad was deployed for the first 400 days of his life. During this time, I had the CD I listened to over and over again in our car. It played a mix of Johnny Cash, Brittney Spears (don’t judge, you know you love Brit), some Watermark, and a lot of other random not-so-known- artists.  When you’re waiting for a tow truck, it’s the best mix ever. Trust. me.  Most of the time in the car he was crying so I never really thought he listened.  Until one day after his Dad had gotten home, I put the CD in and he knew every.word. To every song (which is why, sadly, we do not listen to Brittney anymore).  I kid you not, after five years of being in storage, I found the CD and played it for fun (skipping Brit of course) and at seven years old he stopped what he was doing and said, “I remember these songs from when Dad was deployed!”  How??!! How does he remember that he was three weeks old when Levi deployed, and 15 months when Levi got home and I packed them away before he even was two and a half?  How does he remember this??!  But no, that didn’t tip me off.

Then there was the time I have him a piece of paper and some water colors at the age of three, and he made the most beautiful robin sitting in a tree I had ever seen.  The colors he chose, the shape- and how intentional he never seemed different then any other newly three years old. I mean, what did I know??  He was my first. He set the standard. Kind of like how set the standard in business loans for me.  See what I did there?  They were my first, and so every other company is lame.  Anyways, I digress. Then at the age of four, there was the time he grabbed a pencil and piece of paper and drew a picture of our solar system in the correct order, with the first letter of every name under each planet. I had never (and still haven’t) taught him anything about space.  Ever.  Then, of course, all the nights for bedtime reading he asked us to read him books about black holes and weird equations that I still don’t understand.  And of course, that one day he decided he needed to know how to read, so he taught himself.  In one day.  None of this ever tipped me off. Ever.

Right now he’s seven years old and studying at a high school level in chemistry.  He’s obsessed with the Periodic Table of Elements and can tell you what the atomic number is for and the makings of the atom.  He see’s the world in shapes- “Mom, look at those branches and see how they make a dodecahedron?!” He can read the Bible like he’s got it memorized, and understands the symbolism and even the humor. His favorite thing to say is, “I see what they did there.”  He remembers OT verses and stories and notices when Jesus uses them in his teachings.  Like, what?  For real kid??  He learned multiplication in a day.  Most math he does in his head, and if I try to offer help when he “looks” stumped, he says, “No no no, I’ve got this. Let me do this” as his eyes glaze over and within a minute or two BAM he’s got the answer.

With all of these seemingly obvious signs that my son is gifted, I still didn’t catch on. Clearly, he doesn’t get the gifted mind from his Mom. Rather, what finally led us to the realization that perhaps our son was gifted was the debilitating anxiety he experienced.  It started at three years old- he would break into a sweat, turn red as a tomato, and his eyes would roll in the back of his head.  Eventually, these symptoms would fade, and he would then settle into a deep sleep for two hours- no matter the time of day.  These “episodes,” as I called them, started to become so common that I finally called his doctor.  His doctor was full when I called but urged me to take him to the ER for fear that he was experiencing seizures.  Our world just stood still.  The following month Ayden had an MRI, CT scan, a heart monitor placed on him for a month, and an EEG.  All these tests came back perfectly normal, yet the episodes didn’t stop.

We took a break from all the testing and decided to fly out to see Grandma.  The day before we flew out Ayden had seven episodes that we still thought were seizures.  The day of the flight and the remaining two weeks he had zero.  ZERO episodes.  On the flight home I couldn’t stop thinking about how odd that seemed to me, and like someone threw a rock on my head, I realized they had to be anxiety attacks.  Panic attacks.  I called his doctor first thing the next morning, and we looked through his chart together- and all the dots became connected.  Ayden was officially diagnosed with severe anxiety attacks.

The following couple of years we tried to figure out how to control his anxiety, and we learned what he triggers were.  Small spaces with lots of kids, big crowds, or loud people, in general, caused Ayden to break into tears and have panic attack after panic attack.  We couldn’t even attend church without getting paged at least two times during the service, only to find Ayden in the corner crying and plugging his ears.

One time I had a friend watching him for a day.  She knew Ayden well and knew that at home he was the sweetest, most mellow kid.  She was shocked that, upon taking him to a camp at church, he became aggressive and punched her pregnant belly.  For no reason.  It became clear to her too that he had some anxiety.

Though it was helpful to have other people see it, I was still never satisfied with the diagnosis.  Though he clearly had severe anxiety- we never got to the bottom of what was causing it.  Either way, I tried not obsessing over it, and life went on.  We decided to homeschool our kids for many reasons, and Ayden was doing great.  We also decided that at some point Ayden would need to learn to live with this anxiety, so we started becoming involved in small Bible study groups at our church and did our best to help him manage his feelings during these times. However, as he got older, he got better at hiding his panic attacks and so many times we would never even know he was having an issue until the next day.  After every bible study, where there were lots of children in a small space, he would need three days to recoup.  Those three days were near impossible- everything made him cry, school was out, and he became angry and even physically ill.  Eventually, we cut out our small group meetings.

Cutting out our small group meetings made such a huge impact on Ayden that he began to THRIVE and grow leaps and bounds academically.  While I was searching for a curriculum that suite Ayden best I realized, after weeks of looking, that no curriculum would do.  All the science curriculum for his age covered things he had, for fun, already mastered.  Before I knew it, I found myself looking at high school math and science.

In all honesty, I think I was dealing with flow blown denial.  I kept going back to his age groups material, only to be frustrated and always end back up at high school stuff with excitement.  I remember telling my friend this struggle and her just looked at me dumfounded, and asked why I wouldn’t just get the high school level stuff because he’s clearly a kid genius.  It struck me as odd, and I laughed it off…but as the week progressed her words jut kept nagging me.  “Kid genius.”  Yeah, he’s smart but not a genius.  He just enjoys learning.  That’s all. Then I looked at his three-year-old little brother (who I thought was a bit delayed lol) and realized his little brother was not delayed but Ayden was advanced.  Then I remembered another friend in NC suggest I join a group for gifted kids and parents -I didn’t understand why she suggested it but I joined anyways.  All of the sudden, all these random dots became connected I went to that website for gifted kids and read every.single. Blog or article on gifted kids and realized I was reading experiences exactly like mine- and Ayden.

As you would expect, I researched, asked friends that are professionals, and everything I came to pointed to the idea that he was in fact gifted intellectually. While I haven’t had his IQ tested, and don’t plan on it, I can say pretty confidently that he’s “gifted” and that’s been the reason for all the anxiety, as well as the all the super awesome things the kid knows.  And knowing this, and accepting how God has made him, has freed us to love and raise him accordingly.

Now- all of this novel to say to you-my readers (whom I love and adore because honestly, it’s shocking to me that you even read this stuff) that my homeschool side of the blog might change courses a bit. Heck, it might not.  BUT, part of me accepting this huge thing is wring about it and saying it “out loud.”  It’s still hard to say. Not in a sad way, but in an “I don’t want to brag” way because honesty there’s nothing to brag about (the kid doesn’t have to work hard for anything lol) and also because being gifted comes with a serious dark side. And as a parent with a gifted kid, sometimes I feel wrongly judged or just alone. And even though we have this new information about our son, how we raise him and parent him will not change.  We want him to know Jesus, and love Jesus.  We want him to serve Jesus and only Jesus.  We want him to trust Jesus and only Jesus.  While this might sound simple enough, the task before we is a big one.  The questions he asks are hard, and sometimes there are no answers.  I pray hard for his mind and his heart.  That his mind won’t be his worst enemy but a gift the Lord uses.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be writing about gifted minds and all the things I’ve learned and experienced, and I hope you’ll join me.  This is new territory for me, and as always it much more fun when we all journey together.  If you have experienced something like, please write me and tell me all about it!  I”m desperate for a community that understands the struggles.  I’m also a sponge, and eager to soak up all your wisdom!

Suffer Well


Life is in a weird place right now. I’m in the paradox of beauty and suffering. All around me is the beauty. Life is settling; we’re doing simple things like getting new carpet and planning the future. Then, I’m pulled into the other world where there’s death, sickness, war, and pain…and….beauty? Sometimes it’s the news, sometimes it’s my sin, sometimes it’s family, but most of the time it’s this one person that has every reason to be in agony- but isn’t. And it’s the most confusing but awe-inspiring thing I’ve ever seen. In the middle of the sobs and tears, I try to catch from thousands of miles away, I hear this;

‘I know He’s here.’

‘I wouldn’t change any of this, as weird as if might sound because it’s doing so much and God is so good.’

‘I’m just so thankful for how God is working out the details.’

And my favorite one- her eyes gloss over, she looks up, I see a gleam-a sparkle- and she smirks as her entire body relaxes, ‘God is just so good.’


I’ve never seen such beauty come from a person- especially in the midst of true and real suffering. And I’ve seen beauty, and suffering. This suffering is stunning. It’s BEAUTIFUL. It’s stuffed full of joy. Joy radiates. I’ve wrestled with how this can be. How can someone be more beautiful while they suffer and grieve? How?  I’ve seen dark times, I’ve suffered, I’ve witnessed suffering, and I’ve witnessed beauty but never have I seen them so perfectly mashed up. Never did I ever think these two things belonged together, but here they are rocking my world, and I can’t take my eyes away from it. I find myself willingly letting go of the great awesome that is my life, and running towards the suffering just for another glimpse. Then, it hit me-

It’s Jesus. Everything is Jesus. This beauty in suffering cannot manifest itself-no person that’s suffering can just muster up this beauty. No, no person in whatever state they are in can. Nobody.  We don’t posses what we need to do that- it’s God in suffering. You have to God, and you have to suffer. 

God is the joy in suffering. The sparkle, the gleaming, the smirks- every.breath is God in suffering. He sustains it all. Without Him and what He gives, there would be ugliness and the kind of pain and suffering that takes- not gives. Everything would fall apart. Everything. With every weeping, with every groan, with every tear she’s stronger, and she’s growing. I’ve never seen her legs stand so strong. Not one tremble. Not one shake. Steady. The girl that had question in her eyes as she entered into motherhood, the girl that was unsure of so very much- she’s become women unsure of even more all the while more sure of Gods love. So she weeps at the mere thought of having to be prepared for what the future might hold but smiles because she can feel God and loves Him so much. She cannot suffer without the one who suffered for us.

Don’t you see she’s in good company as she suffers? And just that thought magnifies her thankfulness and joy, and it’s like the suffering is fuel to her joy fire. The more she suffers, the more she He glows. It’s like that fresh, clean carpet look after shampoo. And because of that, she’s resting into the suffering and praising our God for it. And it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, hands down. It’s Gods love, tangible. It’s visually showing me the awe, the power, and the overwhelming peace that Gods love will give us. We can’t produce this fire on our own. It doesn’t come from anything we have. It’s not of us. We have to forget about ourselves and suffer with Him. Oh man, Lord- give me suffering!

As I watch this beautiful display of suffering, I’m learning not to avoid pain. No, oh no. I’m learning to instead, bury my head into the chest of our God and run towards the pain. Then, in the middle of it- when the heat is the most intense and all around me is falling, look. If all I see is chaos, if all I see is me, if all I see is war, if all I see is death, if all I see and feel is fear- then I’m not looking at the One who holds me. I need to look at Jesus. Not the ground, not the dirty carpet…. He’s right there. Open your eyes! He’s right there. He’s in it with you. The God of the everything is IN IT with me.

Water and Hockey – but About Me really


902735_10203783433250391_5504230187158188581_oI don’t really even like water.  Or Hockey.  But my kids do.  In fact, I kind of loathe it- have you smelled all that hockey gear when it hasn’t been cleaned in a while? It’s straight outta Dante’s Inferno but instead of lava and hell you’ve got spoiled milk and really hot humid climates.  So you know, the south.  Too far?

I do love water though.  Anything to do with water and I’m there.  Water skiing, water boating, drinking water, surfing, knee boarding, seriously- anything. Especially water falls, I love those too.  I love jumping off them. Or just listening to water on a quiet night.  The sound of a river.  It’s magic I say, and smells much better then hockey gear.

Anyways- I’m Jason.  I’ll be writing this blog and if I’m honest I don’t really know what all it will be about.  Not just water and hockey, but I’m sure that will be in there somewhere because I love water and my kids love hockey- and we’re all always together because we homeschool while the wife works. Sometimes life gets messy and I have call the tow truck to dig us out of a ditch but still.  I figured there were so many Mommy blogs, we needed more Daddy blogs.  Yes?  Yes.

And don’t judge, I know you’re judging right now.  You think I’m some slacker while the wife works her butt off and I stay home in my yoga pants and play and have fun with the kids.  Well false, ok?  I’m a college graduate, ya’ll.  I majored in Education and my wife did not.  It just made sense that I would educate my kids and she could be the big bad executive at her office. So we can be fancy and rich and have all the things.

OK I”m lying- she’s a nurse and a really good one.

So that’s our story!  More to come, and I’m not even sure what will come.  HA!